The week ahead, 22 – 27 March

Bibarium (ex Chateau Carton) stage in the rather small but cosy concert room
Bibarium (ex Chateau Carton) stage in the rather small but cosy concert room

Jazz this week can be found at AMR (Sud des Alpes) at the regular Tuesday nights jam session starting at 21h. There is a jam session on Wednesday too. Also, on Thursday, again at AMR, there are two concerts starting from 20:30.  Those that like a bit of jazz and bossanova mixture check out Le Chic where you will find the Schaer Barcos Sola Trio. Starts at 21:30. At Contretemps we have the Geneva Hard Bop Sextet, starts at 21h.

For those that love Thai funk, Cambodian psych out, or Vietnamese soul and rock you can check out Moloko this Thursday, free entry. The DJ there will be mixing all sorts of interesting things.

Those that admire Fado, I strongly suggest you check out Bibarium. On Thursday you have a chance to see Corina Salvado perform.

Blues admireres can attend the regular jam session on Thursday at the BDG Club at the Brasseur des Grottes.

Admirers of Tango can get some this friday at Tiera Incognita where you can find Narciso Saul and Michele performing. Saul is a great guitarist, well worth attending.

Salsa can be found at Motel Campo (surprise surprise!) and later on the DJs take over for an all-nighter.

Those that love Folk music, english of french, though this time french, can listen to Alexandre Varlet and Goodbye Ivan at Le Cabinet.

For Soul and Funk this week you can check out Le Chic where you will find Capuccino Band.

Brazilian’s seem to be taking over this week, on Saturday there are two events, one at Chat Noir and the other at Le Chic. Chat Noir is hosting afro-brazilian-soul performed by Regina Ribeiro and Le Chic is hosting Washington Espinola Trio, both start at 22h.

Those looking for some Classical music have concerts from Thursday to Saturday at Victoria Hall. Orchestra de Suisse Romande is performing pieces by Chopin, Schumann, Mendhelssohn, Ravel, etc. And on Saturday you can see the Academy of St Martin in the Fields performing works of Vivaldi, Mozart Schoeck and Tchaikovski.

And finally, Ska-Punk is on at Tiki’s Pub on Friday.

A new place has come to my attention this week, “Undertown”. It is located in Meyrin and seems to host rock/indie concerts. Let’s see how this develops.


The week ahead, 7th – 13th of March

One of my most dedicated readers
One of my most dedicated readers

On Tuesday night jazz lovers can listen to the performance of the Quartet de l’Aube at AMR, followed by a jazz jam session. Cinema admirers can watch the movie “Uratarimanta” by Peruvian director Cesar Galindo at Maison de quarter de la Jonction as well as the continuation of the Human Rights movie festival at Maison des Arts Grutli going on all week.

On Wednesday one can listen to some Indie hip-hop at l’Usine where artists such as Bluebird, R;ZATZ and Led Piperz are performing.  At Chat Noir we have the evening starting with Descarga Pa Gozar and ending with DJ Mas. Punk lovers can get some at Tiki’s pub, with a number of artists present while Nemo has Marine Futin performing.

Auditorium Arditi is showing El Viaje

On Thursday Le Box is hosting Lia and Mr Chouf and Bibarium hosts the Vuelta Suspendita Trio. Cafe des Sources has an apero concert by Fanch. The Silencio club is hosting a House event while Le Rez at l’Usine is hosting four bands. At Chat Noir we have more French music with Les Surveillantes. If you like Monkberry Moon orchestra, you  an see them at Les Enfants Terribles.

On Friday Silencio is hosting a party, techno house music, and at the Theatre de l’Usine we have Dominic Thomas playing mixing on vinyl. MaD is organizing a Nuite Blanche while l’Usine a techno night with Afrodism.

“Samedi au velo” – discover Geneva

Biking is encouraged in Geneva
Biking is encouraged in Geneva

An event that is organized a few times a year, “Samedi au Velo” is a great way to discover the city. Organized by the Pro Velo Geneve, Geneveroule and Peclot’13, the event brings a number of bikers together to guide though through various tours of the city. You need to register for this event and the next one is on 2nd of April.

For more information please visit the Samedi au Velo web site.

Jazz Thursdays at “le Chat Noir” in Carouge

Chat Noir on Thursday, 4th of March 2011
The new generation of musicians gets on the stage at Chat Noir – Thursday, 4th of March 2011

Every first Thursday of the month, le Chat Noir (rue Vautier 13, 1227 Carouge) is the place to be in Geneva for an amazing jazz experience. The BlaKat jam sessions, as they are called, bring together an amazing set of talented musicians. The jams are open to anyone who can play and can keep up with Geneva’s best. In the recent years the old school has given way to a new generation of musicians, but a generation that even at such a young age is doing miracles.

Le Chat Noir opened its doors in 1985 and has since become one of the most important landmarks for musical experience in this city. Many famous artists have performed there. The concerts are held in the basement, a rather small cosy space that allows you to get very close to the music. The upstairs consists of a bar and a terrace (open in summer time).

Le Chat Noir is also the place where the “Association de Soutien à la Musique Vivante” (ASMV) was born. ASMV has contributed to the creation of Voix de Fete (the festival of French music), the JazzContreBand (a city-wide jazz festival), and has given its support to various other festivals in Geneva.

Admirers of jazz music can enjoy the jam sessions every first Thursday of the month. Watch out for the JazzContreBand and other concerts in the coming months.

The week ahead, 28 February – 6 March

Place Neuve
The first "week ahead" post will be accompanied by the photo of Place Neuve where you have the Grand Theatre, the Conservatory, Uni Bastion and the Museum - symbolic no?

Before I start writing about the coming week, I want to highlight an event that will happen for 5 days next week. It is called the Etats Généraux de la Nuit and it is a series of discussions aimed at bridging the gap between various entities in Geneva. For those interested in doing something about culture and night life in Geneva, it might be of interest. It would take a long post to get into it all.

Another event that might be of interest to some Geneva spirited people is the l’Autre Salon, check it out.


For movies lovers the Auditoriom Arditi (1, av. du Mail) has a showing of a 1948 movie, The Palm Beach Story at 20h.


Two bands will be performing at Le Rez at l’Usine, The Somnanbulist (Berlin), and the Lambig Butter Explosion (CH). If you like to discover different kinds of music, this might be interesting. Show starts at 20:30. At 20:30 you can also watch Dee Dee Bridgewater’s performance at Victoria Hall. For these events hurry as there might be no tickets left.

For theatre fans, La Parfumerie has a showing of “Chaque homme est une race” by Mia Cauto. Starting at 20h. This performance goes on until the 13th of March. La Comedie de Geneve has a performance of “Comme un vertige” while the Théâtre des Marionnettes de Genève is hosting “Home sweet home”.


For those wanting to experiment with music, l’Ecurie is hosting a band called Tetras. Sounding rather contemporary, it might not be for everyone’s taste. Starts at 21:30. And at Nemo, you can listen to Loraine Felix from 22h. Free entry.

For theatre fans, Theatre Pitoeff is hosting “Le Diner de Bebette” while Theatre de Grutli the “l’Avenir seulement”. Both starting at 19h. Theatre de Carouge is hosting  “Harold et Maude”. 19h.


Beethoven admirers can enjoy a concert starting from 20:30 at Victoria Hall. La Maison Verte in Grottes is hosting a guitar duo Angelo Guarino and Claude Jordan, while the Cafe Gervais is hosting another duo, this time guitar/vocal and celo, Eli Natali and Stela Veloce. Entry is free. Ethno is hosting another band, Attavara (electro-rock genre). Nemo bar is hostin Zedrus,

Lovers of Blues have a chance to attend a jam session at the Brasseurs des Grottes. A once a month jam session happens in the basement of this brasserie.

Loves of Jazz can attend the BlaKat Jam Session at Chat Noir starting at 21h.


On Friday night you can party in Chat Noir first with a concert by Frederic Bobin and then Dj Joh of Couleur3. If you like French music, Nemo is hosting Olivier Mottet.

Friday is also the starting day of the Festival International du Film et Forum sur les Droits Humain, the 9th edition. Happening at Maison des Arts Grutli.


On Saturday you can enjoy music by artists from Mali and Burkina Faso at the “African night” in La Parfumerie.

Also, for admirers of Yehudi Menuhin, the Menuhin Academy Orchestra is performing at Victoria Hall.

During the whole week you can checkout the “Hotel Sarkis” exposition at the Mamco and numerous others at various galleries.

Documenting life in Geneva

Les Grottes

Welcome. Geneva is my home, and a home to many of my friends. This site is dedicated to them, those that live in and love this city.

Each Sunday I will try to write a post about the following week’s events, I will try to include links and addresses. I hope you find it useful.

There will be many photos and stories, mostly of and from Geneva (obviously). They will be of places, people, events, dishes, trees, the lake, anything and everything. Things that surround you in this city and people that come from everywhere to form the diverse yet shy fabric of this city.

Happy reading.