Swing Jazz at Les Volontaires from 19h30


The “Lost in Swing” quartet will be playing tonight at Les Volontaires (26, rue de la Coulouvrenière) from 19h30. Concert starts at 19h30, is free, and the first drink you order will be 2 CHF extra to cover for the band.

There should be people dancing given the huge following swing has in Geneva.

Check out their videos. Enjoy!

3 super “écoutes au vert” evenings at Bains des Pâquis (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 19h)


The really awesome Geneva event known as “écoutes au vert” is taking over Bains des Pâquis. Here is the program:

Tuesday @ 19h

Wednesday @ 19h

Thursday @ 19h

Check out the event on Facebook [link]. Big thanks to Cobeia Shares from écoutes au vert.