Tavolone, 41 rue des Bains

There is this really great place on 41 rue des Bains called Tavolone. It is Italian of course and it feels as such. They have great wines, great food (pasta, salads, paninis, piadines, etc). Check out the menu. You will need to reserve, although there is always a way to find a place.

It is very vegetarian friendly (I am vegetarian).

Tavolone: 022 321 12 12 / 41 rue des Bains

“Il Siciliano”, Italian coffee, sweets, restaurant, bar at 8 rue Caroline

Finally got the chance to check out this new place on my street, the Italian coffee/bar/pasticeria/restaurant called “Il Siciliano”. Great sweets, great coffee, nice staff, and they also serve beer. In the evenings they have a 14 CHF buffet (which I have not tried yet). You will need to reserve though.

Il Siciliano: 022 342 38 54 / 8 rue Caroline (tram stop Acacias)



Brunch at l’Etabli

Just wanted to share this bit of novelty, at least this is new to me. I’ve recently discovered that you can have a really nice brunch (or I guess breakfast or lunch or simply food) at Etabli (Rue de l’Ecole-de-Médecine 3). I love omelettes, and it has been challenging in all these years to find a place where they make good ones, but at Etabli the offer is really great. Check the photo.

They also have flatbreads, soups, salads, etc. Open as of 11 am on Sunday, with food being served as of mid-day.

Favorite fondue restaurants in Geneva

IMG_3417Fondue, a traditional Swiss dish (also prepared in France and Italy) is a very important part of Swiss culture. It is a dish that is shared and brings people together. Having a fondue is a very convivial experience and anyone that lives  in Switzerland most probably enjoys it each season. Being one of my favorite dishes, I’ve decided to list three of my favorite places to enjoy this dish. So here they are:

Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite fondue place in Geneva.

Did you know that the earliest fondue recipe was found in Zurich and dates form 1699. 

And here another list contributed by various friends: